There’s no doubt about it, Australia is in a precarious place. Between inflation, quiet quitting, hiring freezes, and layoffs, things are looking a little hazy.

It pays to be transparent.

The Australian Fair Work Act – “Secure Jobs, Better Pay Bill 2022” has now prohibited pay secrecy, so now’s the time to move the pay equity conversation forward.

Our 2023 Salary Guide gives you a look at the key insights and salary benchmarks for the most in-demand digital marketing, creative, and development roles in Australia today.

Download our salary guide and access:

  • Salaries by Area of Expertise: Access salary benchmarks for 100+ in-demand roles.
  • Salaries by Gender: The gender pay gap persists. Find out which roles are most affected.
  • Emerging Roles: Discover new roles to level up pay and engagement.

Get the transparency you need to be empowered to move your career or your organisation forward.
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