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2022 Australian Talent Insights Report

The pandemic has been a catalyst for new ways of working, resulting in a seismic shift in what Talent expect from employers. Get actionable insights by downloading a copy of our Australian Talent Insights Report based on a survey of 1,635 professionals working within Digital Marketing, Creative and Development.

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Two sentiments have dominated the business landscape in the past year — ‘The Great Resignation’ and the rise of the hybrid workplace. Our report will provide you with the data behind the conclusions, and give you advice on what steps you and your organisation can take to effectively lead your teams, as well as attract and retain top Talent by understanding what they value.

We’ll also provide salaries for key roles across the digital marketing, creative, and development sector.

Insights include:

  • Whether ‘The Great Resignation’ is coming
  • How to get Talent in, and keep Talent on
  • What works for Talent when it comes to work
  • What makes your workplace the place to work
  • Competitive compensation and salary guide

Get in touch with us online if you'd like to discuss our findings in more detail, or call 02 8288 8288 in Sydney or 03 9244 9999 in Melbourne.