The Future of Working 2020 | Aquent


Our current global situation is causing many areas of working and hiring to change dramatically. This report looks to explore some of the trends we’re seeing and predicts what working life will look like moving forward.

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A market flooded with talent, forced digital transformation, the rise of remote working and a shift in worker patterns, all offer both benefits and challenges for companies. We offer insight into the changes and advice on how companies can come out the other side stronger than before. Included in the Report: 

A Hiring Market Flooded with Talent

What this means for companies looking to hire, how it will impact salaries and how to get the very best talent.

Is it the End of 9-5?

How the working day will change, the location of workers, and its impact on communication and collaboration.

The Future of Remote Working

What candidates and companies want, the benefits and challenges and the effects on productivity and culture.

Freelance vs Permanent

Why we might see a shift towards freelance or permanent and the types of roles that are in demand.

Forced Digital Transformation

How businesses have been adapting and the skills needed now to push change.

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