How To Get Started With Digital Accessibility

Accessibility is a critical and often-overlooked element of digital design. This guide is an introduction to digital accessibility and the steps you can take to improve your accessibility.

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According to government statistics, 21% or 14.1 million people in the UK live with a disability. With a spending power of more than £274 billion per year, becoming accessible is just as much a logical business step as a moral obligation. We go beyond these figures and the legal requirements, to explore why digital accessibility really matters and what you can do to get started. Here’s what’s included:

  • An Introduction to Accessibility
    An insight that presents you with the facts and figures to show you what accessibility means and why ensuring accessibility is crucial.

  • How to Get Started
    A clear and concise four step strategy for how to move forward with developing accessibility in your business, alongside a brief overview on writing an accessibility policy.

  • Who’s Responsibility is Accessibility?
    Commonly mistaken as a web developer’s problem, this delves into where responsibility actually lies and what’s expected from all stakeholders.

  • Hiring for Digital Accessibility
    Exploring the various options available to a company, from employing specialist skills to contracting a dedicated accessibility agency

  • Beginner’s Digital Accessibility Assessment
    A simplified version of the basic standards expected by the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines that you can use to assess your website

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